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Strengthening Community Resources for Disaster Preparedness

In a disaster like an earthquake, the fire department and paramedics will be overwhelmed. We have to rely on each other during the hours or days before fire, medical, or utility responders arrive.

The ability to deal with a crisis is largely dependent on the structures and relationships that have been developed before the emergency. Preparing your family and your neighborhood is vital.

IndianolaReady is here to support our community through raising awareness and providing information and training.

Map Your Neighborhood

We use an award-winning tool developed by WA State called Map Your Neighborhood to help us organize a timely response to disaster when 911 is unavailable. All of us, working together, can reduce the serious consequences of disaster in our neighborhood.

The Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) program will help you to:

  1. Learn the Nine Steps to Take Immediately Following a Disaster to secure your home and to protect your neighborhood. It's hard to think clearly following a disaster and using these steps cwill help you to quickly and safely take actions that can minimize damage and protect lives.
  2. Verify Which Neighbors Need Extra Help in a disaster such as the elderly, those with a disability, or children who may be home alone.
  3. Identify Skills And Equipment each neighbor has that would be useful in disaster response.
  4. Map Your Neighborhood and identify areas of concern such as propane tanks.

IndianolaReady's mission is to help you organize your neighborhood.
Get with us to learn how we can help.

Family Preparedness

Individuals and families need to be prepared as well. Having a supply of food and some equipment in your home (and workplace) means you're ready to ride out any kind of disruption, from snowstorm to earthquake. Bainbridge Prepares has an excellent web page with checklists and plans. They are a few years ahead of us in the quest to be ready, and are a great resource for people throughout our region.




For More Information

To learn more, or start an MYN group in your own neighborhood, contact us at

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Steering Committee

Join the Steering Committee of IndianolaReady. Meetings are monthly, on the fourth Tuesday. 6:30pm at the IBIC Clubhouse.


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